352 Inc. / Marketing / July 19th, 2007

Oops. Something went wrong. 404 pages

I was doing research on a site and I landed on a 404 page it got me thinking…. I should really be suggesting this functionality for my clients websites, from a usability point of view this is important if a user types in the wrong URL, or a search engine link that’s out of date etc. It lets the user know that there on the correct site but the wrong page Example or a better Example

I went too A List Apart to research it, and understand why its needed, and get some ideas so I could add Error 404 pages as standard verbiage to my client proposals.

So from now on budget permitting, I will advise 404 pages error pages  to include a site map of the clients website links or a search function if applicable so the users can easily navigate to the page they want to go to. This will also be good for SEO and accessibility for blind users.