Peter VanRysdam / Technology / September 29th, 2010

Our Microsoft Surface Table is Possessed! (And Awesome)

I’ve had a fun week so far with our Microsoft Surface Table. I was able to bring it with me up to Atlanta for the American Marketing Association’s Marketing Research Conference. Talk about an attention grabber! The only negative was people were so focused on the table they often didn’t even notice our Web development services. After a great show, we brought the table to our Atlanta Web Design office to show it off to a few of our local clients. Again, a big hit. But after the meeting, we left it on in the conference room, and that’s when things got weird. I was in the next office over and heard the piano app playing, albeit not well. Turns out the people in the conference room weren’t doing it. Ghosts? maybe. More than likely it was the sun. Surface uses cameras to detect contact with the table, allowing for interaction with tags and different types of inputs. Anyhow, light can make that act up…just take a look here: So what do you think? Magic or the sun? Or am I just a horrible piano player?