Peter VanRysdam / Marketing / August 24th, 2009

Our Next Webinar: Social Media and the Lost Art of Marketing Principles

It’s time for our next Webinar.  This time we’re joining up with Jeff Cohen, the President of CMOWerks, to take a look at how basic marketing principles have evolved with the emergence of social media marketing.  Actually the problem is they haven’t really evolved; many companies are overlooking some very basic rules in their online campaigns.  So we’re going to do a quick refresher course and show you how you can adapt the fundamentals for the new mediums.

As always, the webinar is free.  You can register in advance at

  • Karen Harding

    I had registered for your webinar yesterday by I’m on GMT rather than EDT.
    Is the webinar saved so that I can listen to it sometime?

  • mike

    FYI – You have a typo in your response; "not at" should be "now at".

  • PeterV – CMO

    Good catch, thanks!

  • PeterV – CMO

    Just posted the presentation, which is now at…/…Marketing-Principles.aspx. Enjoy!