Peter VanRysdam / Marketing / September 25th, 2008

Report: Pimpin' Is In Fact Easy at 352 Media Group

That’s right, kids…it’s time for another edition of pimp my desk!  Last time we turned Evan’s schoolteacher desk in to a work of art, and this time we had our hands full!  Kelly, one of our new project managers, was making the move from her windowless cave to a corner office.  However the new digs were a mess.  The desk was literally falling apart, there was “questionable” art on the walls…it needed help.  That’s where I came in.

We decided to start from scratch with a brand new desk.  We incorporated Kelly’s love of the Florida Gators and garden gnomes (sounds just like her profile!) to complete the makeover.  Take a look.

We also made a 3D photosynth of the completed room…check it out just below the video.