Peter VanRysdam / Marketing / April 10th, 2008

Report: Yahoo Hates Microsoft, Loves Talking About Them

OK, so everyday or so I get my tech news from Yahoo News.  I’m just looking for a snapshot of the day’s stories in the tech sector, and that site does a good job.  My one criticism if I had to give one, which I do based on the name of our site, is that it doesn’t do a good job detecting duplicates (it is just an aggregator for various other news outlets like AP, Rueters, PC World, etc).

Today is a perfect example.  And what better story for Yahoo to report ad nauseum than the takeover bid from Microsoft that they seem so against.  Thanks to Yahoo for over-reporting their impending collapse.

Just take a look at a real screen cap I just took.  The only other article to make it on the front page?  Google’s battle with Brazilian porn.  Which reminds me of a joke.

Dick Cheney: Mr. President, there was a plane crash in Rio this morning.  20 Brazilian people were killed.
President Bush:  Oh, that’s terrible!  How many is a Brazilian?

Thank you, thank you very much.  Now back to the screen shot.

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