352 Inc. / Marketing / January 23rd, 2008

Right vs. Left Brain

interesting article I dug up recently. While a lot of what the Clickdensity application gathers is nothing new, it’s presentation is impressive. I myself am a very visual person. I’d much rather draw or white board something out rather than writing a concise explanation (challenging when writing proposals for websites). What I have found is that going through my visual rituals first then turning it into the written word works wonders. Here is a great example of that. How great to see an instant visual representation of what is going on the site. Especially interesting is not just identifying that people click where you want them too but also who is clicking where they shouldn’t. I am frustrated when I click on a screenshot on a website and I don’t get a larger picture. Or click on a heading that eludes to more information. I don’t want to have to find the little tinny arrow at the bottom to ‘read more…’ Definitely not a revolutionary product that will change the world, but a great compliment to anyone’s efforts to design, track and improve the
effectiveness of their website.