352 Inc. / Marketing / March 24th, 2008

Search 2.0

By now most of you are already familiar with Coverflow.  If not (get with the program), it allows you to elegantly view album covers in iTunes and on your iPhone/iPod Touch.  Apple’s new version of OS X, Leopard, also incorporates the idea into the Finder for viewing files and adds the ability to page through documents and presentations or view movies without having to open them in Word, Acrobat, Quicktime etc. Plenty of other companies have run with this design such as, YouTube, which shows related videos in this fashion after a video has completed playing.  Most thumbnail galleries seen on the net are also getting this treatment.  Now search is jumping on the bandwagon. Enter Searchme, Inc.

It’s only in private beta at the moment but once it’s released to the public, it’s sure to have an impact.  Until then, here is a cool plug-in for FireFox and IE that gives you thumbnail images next to your Google search results. 

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