Don Wedington / Marketing / October 15th, 2008

Search is still King; but for who?

Well the markets are in turmoil; what once was up now is down (way down) and everyone is looking to see where the bottom will be.  One of the largest growth sectors for the tech sector has been in search.  This has been well documented when you look at all of the moves in the space including Microsoft’s failed bid to acquire Yahoo earlier this year.  So what’s going to happen?

There is an interesting article in the NYTimes today that talks about two very different approaches to search and what will most certainly be two very different quarterly earnings reports for both Google and Yahoo.    

Even with Google being down there are some analysts who think that Google will rebound back to the high $500’s at some point.  This post on TechCrunch touches on this. That’s pretty ambitious to say the least, but that sort of upbeat prediction is not being given to Yahoo.  The book hasn’t been finished on Yahoo, but one has to wonder what would have happened if the Microsoft bid was accepted.  Personally I think that it’s not over yet for that possibility, but a lot of ego’s will have to be shelved to make it happen.