Geoff Wilson / Marketing / August 27th, 2007

Should We Market Ourselves by Spamming Youtube?

I did a search for “web design” on Youtube tonight to see if there were any relevant videos up there.  What I found is that one Web design company has spammed Youtube by posting a ton of worthless videos that are nothing but shameless self promotions.  Yes, other companies (even large corporations) are now using Youtube to distribute video advertisements.  But this goes way beyond that.  These videos are HORRIBLE and they have no value or content., but they are posted with a ton of web design related keywords so they are found in searches.  And it looks to me like the company even added a bunch of positive comments about their own videos to further promote their services.  It’s pure junk.

The funny thing is, these videos are SO BAD, I can’t imagine anyone actually hiring these guys.  Take a look….

Yes, this is what our competition looks like.  It’s no wonder why so many people think Web design is a fly-by-night industry.  Sad.