Don Wedington / Marketing / March 12th, 2008

So I could have kept my Prodigy account?

Now I am not what you would call an “early adopter” of technology.  Over the years I have been called stubborn and obtuse with what I consider loyalty to certain things in my life.

I never have the latest phone or camera, but that in itself is not unusual.  A couple of years ago I finally cut my Prodigy email only after SBC (who had bought them at some point in the early 2000’s) had made a mistake and not billed me for awhile.  Then one day I got a bill for like $70 for an email address that I had just been forwarding for years.  Well I called them up and after several hours, I had cut the cord to dial-up all together.

Well I was reading this article in the NYTimes and there are people even more sad than I am as they themselves are ever so slowly moving away from the Netscape Browser that is no longer being supported. 

Come on people, let’s get with the program here!  I am even considering getting a new phone that has some web capabilities, and I might even get it before Web 3.0 comes about.  As soon as someone can tell me what exactly is Web 2.0!