Michelle Brownstein
Michelle Brownstein / Marketing / October 8th, 2008

Something in the water at 352 Media Group

You know how they say that women who spend alot of time together tend to cycle at the same time?  I’m starting to think that the idea of proximity leading to shared life stages goes beyond aunt flo.  Here at 352, there has been a couple waves, namely weddings and babies, rippling through the office, even in the short time that I have been with the company!

To be honest, I’m not sure which came first- the wave of babies, with our (former) Office Manager, VP of Marketing, a Graphic Designer and a new Sales Manager all bringing their bundles of joy into the world – or the wave of engagements and upcoming weddings, with myself and my fiance Peter Brownstein, a programmer here at 352, then another Programmer, a Project Manager and then our Business analyst and our VP of Finance!!

It’s obvious that there must be something in the water here, or perhaps it’s in the air…. all I know is that if we have to share something, I’d rather we all get engaged then all get the flu.