Peter VanRysdam / Marketing / November 12th, 2007

SPAM…The Good, err, Better Kind

I was at an art festival here in Gainesville, FL this weekend, and saw something that caught my eye.  It was an enormous “SPAM-mobile.”  It seemed out of place in an artsy environment, but there it was with volunteers handing out spam by the disturbing little cube. 

I was telling a coworker about it, and ended up going to their site to see if I could find a picture.  I was so impressed with their site and how engaging and downright amusing it is.  It is a crazy site, but unlike say, you can actually find where you want to go. 

A few notable tidbits I rather enjoyed:

  1. The spamtastic jingle that greets you
  2. The video snippets on each page
  3. A closeup shot of the “S” on the side of the spammobile with the caption “This is the first letter of the work ‘SPAM’.”
  4. Learning that in 1980, “The Three BILLIONTH Can of SPAM is produced.  That’s like three thousand million!”

Make sure in addition to going to the site, you hit up the SPAM Mobile as well.

editors note: I did not sample the SPAM.

The SPAM mobile