352 Inc. / Marketing / September 13th, 2007

"Steal" Microsoft Office 2007

Every once and a while Microsoft comes up with a marketing scheme surprises even me. When you first go off to college, unless you are buying a new computer with Office already bundled, odds are you aren’t getting access to the much needed program suite. A lot of students take the not-so-legal route and pirate Office just so they can get necessary course materials.

That is where Microsoft stepped in. They are now offering students the opportunity to “steal” Office 2007…at a low price. Instead of paying the full price of $500, which for most college students is out of their league, they are offering the full package at a price of only $59.95. Of course not everyone can get this deal. You need a valid college e-mail address and they may even request your course schedule and other info to confirm you actually attend the school. Even so, for the college student needing their professor’s PowerPoint presentation, this is a great way to keep the necessities affordable.

You can find out more about it here: