Michelle Brownstein
Michelle Brownstein / Marketing / January 30th, 2009

Still Spellbound by Ladera Resort in St. Lucia

When planning our honeymoon, my husband, Peter, and I were fairly open minded. Our main criteria: it had to be romantic, relaxing, and there had to be roomservice.  So when we decided on St. Lucia for our honeymoon, and started looking at accommodations.  We had heard alot about Sandals, and so we anticipated we would go there, but we continued looking to see what else was available.

So one day, I went to Peter’s office to talk about the honeymoon plans, but he had to run to a meeting. Before he left he told me that he had several places open on his browser and asked that I take a look.  he also said that there was once place, Ladera, that looked really amazing, but that because mosquitos love me (they really do-it’s kinda sickening), he didn’t think the place was an option, but that I should look at the rest. So once he left, I sat down and looked through them, and didn’t find too much that I was impressed with, until I went to the Ladera Resort page.  It was at that moment I decided that was where we were going- even if I had to wear bug spray to bed, and even if we could only afford 1 night, we HAD to go.

And so we did! But it turned out that we could afford 5 nights at Ladera in combination with 5 nights at Sandals Grande (St. Lucia).  We decided to do Ladera first, and I am SOOO glad. I could not have imagined a more restful place and a more romantic view to start our new life together.

But I’m skipping ahead a bit.  So once we booked the resort, I started getting a little concerned, so I started reading other visitors’ reviews.  In retrospect, doing so never seems like a good idea. So as I read review after review, some good others terrible, I became really worried about the bad ones I read. But I prepared myself mentally, and bought 2 citronella candles and some bug spray, just incase.

Skipping ahead…

So we arrive at the Airport, and right there is a representative from Ladera with a sedan waiting for us. After standing in customs without ac, it was nice to be in the car with cool air.  The road to Ladera is full of tight turns, so I was so happy I had put on a Scopalomine patch for seasickness (I get carsick really easily).  The trip with the patch wasnt too bad.  When we arrived at Ladera, they greeted us with cool minty towels and this amazing juice drink. If I had gotten car-sick I’m sure it truly would have been helpful upon arrival, but regardless it was tasty and soothing.

Here is the “reception” area they brought us to:

So they explained the “all-inclusive” package we added on as extra to include meals (which also included roomservice), all alcoholic drinks, and even a spa treatment for each of us.  Then they took us to our room.  We go up a bunch of steps, the receptionist opens our door and we as we stepped in behind her, this is the first thing we saw:

Needless to say, we were amazed.  There are more pictures posted on http://picasaweb.google.com/

As we settled in, all my fears were gone, and all the bad things I had read in those reviews seemed to be addressed and/or fixed by the new managers.

The place is truly amazing, and we are already planning to go back to renew our vows.

I recommend it to anyone who enjoys beautiful views and everyone who enjoys romance, because that is exactly what we got at Ladera Resort.