Geoff Wilson / Marketing / July 13th, 2007

Stop stealing my tip jar!

Some of  you may know that I own two Ben & Jerry’s ice cream franchises here in Gainesville, Florida.  Well, recently we have had a rash of people coming into the store and stealing the tip jar.  It happened again the other night…. but this time we caught it on camera!  I had video of a young girl, probably 18 or so, coming into the store, waiting until the scoopers were distracted, then grabbing all of the money out of the tip jar (probably $15 or so).  This girl was a real class act — she had tags hanging out of all of the clothes she was wearing, presumably so she could return the clothes to the store at a later time.

It was great video, and I was really looking forward to posting it here…. but the d**n camera system apparently only saves video for 24 hours, so I lost it!  Ugh!

But fear not, faithful blog readers.  This has been happing a lot recently, so I fully intend to post the next culprit here in blog infamy.