352 Inc. / Marketing / June 25th, 2008

Streaming Video from your Mobile

I have twitter integrated into my facebook account and I am following Ryan Carson http://carsonified.com/ . I seen a tweet from Ryan called “I’m streaming live right now, come chat! Video Title – Future of Mobile brainstorm http://qik.com/video/113441”.

I clicked on the link and I am now watching their team have a brainstorming session about the Future of Mobile – amazing stuff, however the sound is poor and the quality is not the best but it will suffice.

About the service — Qik

URL – http://qik.com/

What is Qik?
Qik is a little piece of software that enables you to stream videos directly from your phone to the Web.

What can I do with Qik?
With Qik you can stream engaging video live from your phone to the world or use your phone like a camcorder to capture entertaining, interesting and special moments. Go LIVE with your life by streaming anytime, anywhere — right from your phone.

What do I need to run Qik?
Currently, they support video streaming on many Nokia S60 phones and several phones running Windows Mobile. You can see the full phone list here http://qik.com/sign_up.

Mobile Technology is fast becoming the next big thing, my advice is to embrace it or be prepared to be left behind.