352 Inc. / Marketing / October 20th, 2007

Stumble Upon

I have always found the internet for being as big as it is, is rather hard to explore beyond the most popular websites.  If you search something you’re bound to come up with sponsored sites and mega sites such as wikopedia.  Google can be very powerful at finding something provided you know what you are looking for.  What if all you’re looking for is something interesting to read?

Stumble Upon introduces a new concept called stumbling.  You specify topics of interest and can then get random pages recommended by other users with a click of the mouse.  Each page it recommends can be given a thumbs up or a thumbs down which is used to further target the topic for the next stumble.  I found this leads to a very nice way to explore the outer edges of the internet where some off the beaten path information can lie. 

Enough introduction, here is the link: