Peter VanRysdam / Technology / March 13th, 2012

Summing Up Web & Mobile Development News For March

The annual Mobile World Congress wrapped up at the beginning of the month, meaning there was a host of mobile news and announcements recently. At the same time, the lines between traditional Web development and mobile continue to blur. So let’s take a look at the top stories from the past month, shall we? 10 Things to Plan for When Developing a Mobile App – Via Mashable
Let’s face it…there are a ton of bad mobile sites out there. Just as traditional Web design took awhile to drop the animated gifs and midi music, mobile developers are still figuring out best practices. Here is a good place to start. Common mobile web design mistakes – Via WebDesignerDepot
See? I told you there were mistakes. WDD uses this article to not only show a bunch of mistakes, but also talks about how to avoid them in your own design. A must read for anyone considering their mobile precense. Hogwash: Top Mobile Designers Are Not Pushing Back Against HTML5 – Via ReadWriteWeb
Robert Scoble caused a minor stir when he pondered whether there was push back against HTML5 among mobile designers. A resounding no came back. While HTML5 doesn’t (yet) provide device access, it is still a great standard for non-native app design. Facebook: We Send 60 Million People to Other Mobile Apps Every Month – Via Mashable
Speaking of a good app, Facebook announced as part of their IPO filing that they have 425 million mobile users. They also revealed how much of their audience they send to other apps. My guess? 99% of that is going to game company Zynga. Google Docs for Android Update Lets You Edit on the Go – Via Mashable
In other appy news, Google Docs is getting a big upgrade on Android devices. With devices getting bigger, it’s logical that Docs would go from just viewing to mobile editing. Better stretch your thumbs. Google Must Tell Apple Its Android Secrets, Says Judge – Via Mashable
And speaking of Google, patent arguements between them, Motorola, and Apple mean they have to share their notes with Apple. Apparently Apple invented the touch screen and breathing air, though it’s hard to feel sorry for Google, who is acquiring Motorola for $12.5 billion. Google Will Give $1 Million to Hackers Who Find Flaws in Chrome – Via Mashable
Did your mom tell you there is no money in hacking? Here’s your big chance. In an effort to expose any holes, Google is taking the approach of inviting (and rewarding) hackers who reveal these flaws. Here’s hoping they don’t take the same approach with their driverless car prototypes. Do Your Users Get You? Test Them With Solidify – Via ReadWriteWeb
And finally this month, a new service called Solidify launches as essentially a crowdsourced feedback tool for your Web designs. I’m all for more feedback, and this looks like an interesting approach to getting it. What did we miss? Anything stick out to you in the world of Web or mobile development?