352 Inc. / Marketing / November 14th, 2007

Tag line for your site

This is a section of an email that I just sent a client – and I thought it was good enough to share with you…

Regarding the tag line here are my thoughts.  

What is a tag line?

  • A tag line is a concise phrase that characterizes the whole enterprise, summing up what it is, and what makes it great.
  • Example – More stars than there are in the heavens  – MGM studios on the 30’s and 40’s
  • Example – All the news that’s fit to Print – The New York Times 


Where should it be?

  • On a website,  the tag line should be beside or just below the site ID (your logo).  

Why use tag lines?

  • Tag lines are an efficient way to get your message across, because they’re the one place on the page where most users expect to find a concise statement of the sites purpose.  

Good tag lines are clear and informative, and about 6- 8 words long, and convey differentiation and a clear benefit.

  • Example – http://www.refdesk.com/ The Single best source for facts – tells me exactly what I need to know and what the site is.  

Bad tag lines are vague, and sound generic

  • Example http://www.netmarket.com/Default.asp – save time, save money and save your sanity. Are all good words but they don’t tell me anything about the site.