Erin Everhart / Marketing / October 5th, 2012

The Best Dang Content Inventory Template Known To Man

Sustainable SEO helps you avoid getting hurt by future algorithm updates,  specifically on what you need to do post-Panda. Yes, Panda officially launched more than a year and half ago, but it’s far from old news. Panda made us take a hard look at the quality of our website, and of course, that all boils down to the content. Before you put so much emphasis on adding new content to your site, you need to focus on the existing content you have and that starts with doing a content inventory and audit. Here’s my template that I use.

content audit and inventory template

Is it really the best dang content inventory template known to man? Who knows, but since when have you known me to be humble? Download the Excel version here. If you dig it, pay it forward with a like, share, tweet, link, or hell, I’d even take a hug. Photo Credit: popofatticus via Compfight cc