Geoff Wilson / Innovation / October 10th, 2013

The Circle Strategy – 352 Noodles and Doodles

A few years ago, I was in a difficult situation. 352 was growing quickly, but our teams constantly struggled to keep up with the growth. Projects were disorganized and behind schedule. Employee morale was low. Customers were frustrated. So I needed a solution, quickly.

By making changes to how our teams manage projects, we have increased innovation, quality, customer satisfaction and employee morale — almost overnight. Through our efforts to change direction, I developed a system I call “The Circle Strategy,” and I believe it can ignite similar results for any organization or individual. Watch Noodles and Noodles below to learn more about The Circle Strategy.

  • harishchouhan

    @Geoff thanks for taking time and sharing this.

  • Jeremy

    Thanks Geoff. This post gives me hope when I am feeling much like you did a few years ago! I will be sharing with my colleagues. All the best, Jeremy