352 Inc. / Marketing / May 11th, 2008

The Couple Spot.com Site Launch

Many networking and social web sites are available for single people, but not so many “respectable” ones exist for couples. In light of this, TheCoupleSpot.com approached 352 Media with an idea to create a website that makes it easy for couples to network and socialize with other couples.  Together, we worked as a team to launch http://www.thecouplespot.com/, whose company motto is “Connect, Share Interests, and Enjoy Life!” ©. 

About TheCoupleSpot
TheCoupleSpot.com is an upscale community website that has been created and designed exclusively for couples.  Moreover, TheCoupleSpot.com is a professional and interactive site that makes it easy for couples to meet and share interests with other couples in a safe, user-friendly environment.  Couples can interact with other users in their local areas, or they can interact with other couples around the world.

The Solution
TheCoupleSpot first contacted 352 Media in June 2006. However, it was February 2007 before we had our first face-to-face meeting in Gainesville, FL. TheCoupleSpot’s CEO met with Declan ONeill (Account Manager), Evan Blake (Business Analyst), and Don Wedington (VP of Sales).  The meeting as I remember was quite formal due to all the previous phone and email communications.  The “TheCoupleSpot” team wanted to ensure they were dealing with a reputable web company that could deliver a website that lived up to their very high expectations; and I suppose it did because in April 07 we penned the deal. Shortly thereafter the statement of work and contract were signed, and work immediately commenced on www.TheCoupleSpot.com.

The Features
The site is being built in phases, and it is currently in Phase 1. Couples can currently:

·        Build profile pages

·        Upload photos

·        Conduct and save advanced searches

·        Block users

·        Communicate with other couples using an internal e-mail system

·        Update Headliner Profiles

·        Refer a friend (refer 10 friends and be rewarded)



·          Take advantage of FREE Travel Coupons (‘Quarterly’ members will be given access to discounted travel and accommodations in Hawaii, Cancun, Orlando, Las Vegas, and many other great places)

·         Participate in the site’s “Couples Convo” discussion forum which has been designed exclusively for TheCoupleSpot.com’s members and visitors.  A few of the main topics currently posted there are marriage, parenting, sports, travel, cooking, investing, military themes, and business opportunities


As far as affiliates and marketing are concerned, TheCoupleSpot.com is particularly interested in hearing from companies who provide goods and services that benefit couples.

Many exciting things are planned for the future. So, go now and register at http://www.thecouplespot.com/Register1.aspx.  It’s free with full access for the first 90 days. My profile is here:   See if your interests are similar to ours, and if so, add me/us as friend(s).

Thanks to the following 352 Media Staff Members:
Raina Van Cleave — Project Manager
Peter Bernardo – IA / Business Analyst
Sean Jeng – Programmer
Xiao Lui– Programmer
Lincoln Anderson – Designer
Brandon Mitchell – Designer
Jared Allen – QAR
Preston Braswell – QAR
Andrew Keller – Support
Edward Egun – Support
Evan Blake — Business Analyst
Dan Vogt – Director of Development (Programming) 

And of course the “TheCoupleSpot” team!