352 Inc. / Marketing / September 20th, 2007

"The WHOLE internet is down?" – Maybe

If I wasn’t descendant from Lithuanian royalty (seriously…too bad there is no longer a monarchy), I would think Estonia was an early period of human evolution.   Apparently Estonia is one of the most affluent breakaway east block countries and most wired in Europe.  Close second, Kyrgyzstan… just kidding.  Now that one I had no idea existed until writing this blog.  Without divulging too much information, an article in the most recent issue of Wired paints an interesting picture of future warfare.  The computer simulations in War Games never saw this coming.  While the idea of cyber- terrorism has been around for ages, to my knowledge this is the first time anyone has actually successfully targeted an entire country’s IT infrastructure.  The scary part… the old hillbillies on capital hill are apparently ignorant to the threat (I bet the NSA has something up thier sleves though).  Our military, commerce and public way of life are so entrenched in technology that cutting us off even for a short period of time could be devastating. 

Enough commentary.  The article is a great read.  Make sure you check out the images of how an über-DDOS attack could happen to us. Maybe Regan’s “Star Wars” wasn’t such a bad idea after all.  Personally, Putin scares me a hell of a lot more than Gorbi ever did.