352 Inc. / Marketing / February 22nd, 2008

Trivial, but obscure windows tips

You can take a screenshot of the current window with alt+print screen, instead of the whole desktop as is done with print screen.

You can close the current window by double clicking the application icon in the top left corner of the window.

You can bring a window to the mouse by select move from the applications context menu on the start toolbar and pressing an arrow key.  The window will now follow the mouse.  This is particularly handing with remote desktop.

Windows key + r brings up the run as window, the application name can be typed and with enter run.  This removes the need for a mouse when starting applications. For example internet explorer can be start with windows key + r then ‘iexplore’.

The computer can be locked with windows key + ‘L’, handy for leaving the computer quickly.

Windows explorer can be opened with windows key  + ‘e’

System information can be opened with windows key + pause break