Peter VanRysdam / Technology / November 25th, 2009

Turning a Blank Wall in to a Microsoft Silverlight Deep Zoom Project

Where some people see an empty pool, I see a skate park.  Where some see a condemned house, I see and investment.  And where some see a blank, dull wall, I see a canvas waiting to be filled. Ok, that’s a bit dramatic, but the last one is true.  We have been looking for an opportunity to use Microsoft Silverlight’s Deep Zoom technology.  Our clients are reluctant to move forward with the technology since it’s new.  So we figured if we wanted to create something with the tool, we’d just have to do if for ourselves.  So why not have some fun along the way? Here’s what we did: We took a blank wall in an empty office in our building.  It’s the room where we have the Wii setup with Rock Band, but that’s about it.  So we threw some Sharpies in there and told people to go to town!  People write messages, drew pictures, paid homage to their favorite movies or musicians…in short they had a great time!  And in the end, we had a one of a kind mural of sorts.  And wouldn’t you know it, our logo just appeared out of the negative space! So please, take a look at what we created with Microsoft Deep Zoom on our site.  You’ll need to install Silverlight if you haven’t already, but it’s well worth it.  In addition to the Deep Zoom, I also wrote an article describing the process we used to create it.  Much easier than you might think! Finally, we decided to capture the process with our video camera.  When each person drew over the course of the couple of months it took to create, they hit record.  We took the hours of footage and sped it up – way up – in to a one minute time lapse of the drawing.  I hope you enjoy it!

  • Brian Keller

    Where some people see "and investment," I see a typo.
    😉 Seriously though this was awesome – nice job!