Erin Everhart / Marketing / June 18th, 2010

Twitter's Path to 10 Billion (Plus) Tweets

I hate statistics. My senior year in high school, I hands down chose AP Calculus BC over the on-level statistics class offered. I even dodged the bullet in college by settling for a “Math for Liberal Arts and Science Majors” class where us right-brained people gleefully graphed lines while our counterparts dealt with chi-squares and null hypotheses. But what is it about infographics that makes analyzing data just so darn entertaining? Is it because the numbers are disguised as pretty designs? Is it the eye-catching colors that convince us that what’s on this piece of paper must be interesting? Whatever it is, it made me resent not taking that stat class if that is what they did all day. A few weeks ago, we shared one on Facebook showing just how much of a giant the site actually is. Now, Twitter has hit big since the beginning of 2010, from adding Sponsored Tweets and Promoted Trends to surpassing its 10 billionth tweet in March. And since the best time to look back on a company is when that company is looking forward, Muhammad Saleem created this Twitterafic (Twitter + infographic) for Mashable. It’s a tad dated, but it’s still pretty remarkable how much the 4-year-old company has grown. Foursquare, it looks like you’re going to be next…  

  • PeterV – CMO

    I think you should make an infographic about how much we like infographics. Something like: 27% – because we like to learn
    38% – because we like pretty colors
    46% – because we like pretty pictures What? Did you expect it to add up to 100%? I was a communications major too.