352 Inc. / Marketing / July 30th, 2009

Using Your Blog To Drive Traffic To Your Corporate Site

I’m sure that, like me, you were all impressed with our CEO Geoff’s blog post about Using Facebook to Market a Business.  Big deal…so your audience was big enough that you needed a microphone.  You must get mobbed with paparrazzi just walking from your office to the coffee machine!Well, not to be outdone, here’s a clip from my recent speech on Web 2.0 to the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce.  Sure, the crowd wasn’t large enouhg for me to need a mic, and sure, I only spoke to the Chamber’s West Council, but I had those people hanging on my every word.  Just watch the guy in the blue dress shirt nod as I drive home my point about using your blog’s content to promote your company’s Web site.  That man is inspired!   I mean, there wasn’t an empty seat in the house, except for those few you can see in the video.  Those people were just getting seconds on the buffet (which was quite tasty, by the way.  Did Geoff’s speech have food?). Trust me…besides that it was standing room only.