352 Inc. / Marketing / August 1st, 2008

v. Google, n. Wiki, now n. Knol?

Knol (a unit of knowledge) is Google’s latest attempt at global
domination of data.  Wikipedia has become the de facto conflict solver
when my wife and I disagree on something (it’s great to have a credible
source to back me up).  Not to mention the fact that it’s generally the
best source for information on the net sans the primary source.  That
may begin to change.  Google launched Knol – beta recently and I have to say it has a lot of promise.  While it’s easy to compare
it to Wikipedia or other online encyclopedia sites, it’s not an apples
to apples comparison.  Rather than Rushmoore Google Knolaiming to create an unbiased
encyclopedic library of information a much more social approach is
being taken.  It’s more appropriate to compare to about.com.  Think of
it as a presentation of ideas from experts on various topics.  You’re
sure to find a great many differing opinions once the site really gets
going.  Ratings and comments provide a way to give the author
credibility.  You can even verify yourself with Google to ensure you
are who you say you are.  It feels more like a giant magazine/journal
article repository where you can decide for yourself.  Add to that
AdSense and copyright protections and you have a very interesting

The irony it turns out, one of the best resources I found for information about Knol is here.