Geoff Wilson / Marketing / August 13th, 2007

Vegas tells Michael Jackson to Beat It!

I am soooo disappointed by this news.  Really.  I am a big Michael Jackson fan.  Yes, his recent behavior — well, for about the last 15 years — has been highly questionable.  But his great 80’s tunes are awesome… Billie Jean… Thriller… Smooth Criminal… Beat It… Man in the Mirror… Bad… Black and White (that was 90’s I think)… what is there not to love?

So needless to say, I was THRILLED when I heard Jackson was planning a comeback in Vegas, possibly with a standing show there!  Then I saw this report from about a month ago and my dreams were crushed.  Apparently Vegas considers Jackson too controversial (really?? for Vegas?? come on!) and Jackson is now planning his comeback in Europe instead.

Oh well.. I guess it’s now Paris or Bust!!