Evan Blake / Marketing / November 15th, 2007

Was it really that long ago?

I fondly remember living in Iowa City and having my typing teacher set everyone in the class up with an account on the ISCA bbs (Iowa Student Computer Association bulletin board system).  This was probably 1992 and “the internet” was not exactly the vast world of possibilities that it is today.

I would post on a variety of topics and participate in discussion with the college kids, thrilled by the prospect of being taken seriously, despite being in middle school.  I had a lot of fun with it and even continued to use it when I moved to Florida. 

Why am I reminiscing about the early days of the internet?  Well, I cam across a video that jogged the memory.  I present the show 24… if it was made back then (even if you have never seen the show, you can still appreciate some timely internet humor).