Brian Russell
Brian Russell / Marketing / October 25th, 2012

Webinar: SEO Tales of Horror

Spiders, ghosts, serial killers…these are the things that scare normal people. But not marketers. No, we live in constant fear of getting lost in a Google black hole or getting attacked by our robots.txt file in the night.

In this obviously Halloween-themed webinar, the digital marketing experts from 352 Media Group will take a gruesome look at some of the frightening misfortunes that can befall websites and maim your company. Not only is the presenter a search engine whiz, but he also happens to have spoken by phone to Robert Englund (the actor who played Freddy Kreuger) and interviewed Rob Zombie.
Attendees will leave with the ability to rest easier, knowing these terrors can be avoided with a few simple steps.
Don’t attend and, well, beware. Muwhahaha!