Erin Everhart / Innovation / December 14th, 2012

What Do You Mean "Other" Clients?!

The client-agency relationship is always a tricky one to maintain, but I’m a strong believer in liking the people that you work with. Not just liking them as a professional, but genuinely and truly liking them as a person. If you do, you have a better relationship with them, and the work usually shows it. Case in point: Lisa Eubank. Lisa is with the engine business marketing department at Cummins Inc., and she’s been working with one of our agile development teams for about 6 months in the redesign of, now live. We had our final close-out with her last Friday, where we presented and wrapped up our final work for Cummins Engines. Our team was getting ready to start on some other work, but Lisa had some lingering questions. After several follow-up questions popped into our inbox, Lisa sent this:

client agency relationship

  You have to love any client who A) knows what a meme is and B) can poke fun at herself. Well played, Lisa. Well played. Photo Credit: enriqueburgosgarcia via Compfight cc