Peter VanRysdam / Marketing / October 21st, 2010

What Type Of Geek Are You? And Yes, You Are A Geek.

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a good infographic. Well, this one caught my attention, mostly because I couldn’t figure out where to place myself. I think I’m a cross between and an Internet Geek, Chic Geek, and a Pop-Culture Geek. If there was a Poser Geek category – someone who likes the culture and knows just a little bit about a lot of stuff rather than a lot about, well, anything – then that would be me. So what type of geek are you?

(click for full-size image)

  • Erin – Marketing

    Um, and where is Grammar Geek in this mix? Because I’m definitely one of those. As well as a cross between Pop Culture Geek, Social Media Geek, Chic Geek. Really, I’m just so geeky, you can’t even begin to classify me into one type.

  • Lester Lorenzo John

    I guess I’d have to be a food/academic/theatre/political geek; I’ve just got too many interests. Luckily this means I’m rarely one to be pigeonholed, leaving my eclectic nature to never be questioned or ridiculed. Well, maybe a little.

  • Colleen Goidel

    I consider myself a music geek and a slow food geek. And, like Erin, I’m a grammar/spelling geek. But mostly I’m just a generalist geek b/c when something interests me, I want to immerse myself in it and learn everything about it! Until the next interesting thing comes across my radar.

  • Elisa Wolfe

    I am a poser music geek and a lover of the new chic geek trend. Ive always loved music but didn’t really become a geek until I lived in Australia for 6 months. The music there is so good and not pop commercial that you can’t help but become somewhat of a music geek. I know a lot more than most of my friends in America about music but when I get into the actual music geek scene I’m an amateur… hence poser music geek.