Peter VanRysdam / Marketing / July 11th, 2008

What's New @ 352, July '08 Webisode

You’ve probably seen me post links to MSDN’s “This Week on Channel9” before.  Brian and Dan, the hosts of that show, are good friends of mine.  After watching their show for a few months, we decided to start up our own little version here at 352 Media.  It’s not a parody or competition by any means.  Instead, consider it an homage. 

We take a look at some industry news in the interactive marketing and Web development space, as well as a look at what’s new with our company; blog posts, site launches, etc. 

Take a look, learn, and let me know your comments.   We want to make this a regular feature that’s actually helpful to you as a marketing professional, client, potential client, or developer, so your feedback is paramount.



Industry News

:24 – ICANN Domain Issues (

1:32 – Flash Files More SEO Friendly (…)

Recent Blog Posts
3:55 – 352 Field Day Videos

4:20 – BBQ Cookoff Results

5:45 – Silverlight Beta 2 Developer Highlights / Deep Zoom

7:03 – Interesting Client Photo

New Site Launches
8:06 – Microsoft’s Voip Without Barriers site

8:52 – Mayo Clinic Physician Referral Service Interactive CD-ROM