Brian Russell
Brian Russell / Marketing / April 3rd, 2013

"Whoever you are": Shining The Spotlight On Your Fans

Is there anything you can do to highlight those people contributing to your community? How amazing would it feel to have someone or something you’re passionate about recognize you in front of all the other fans?

On March 31, Queens of the Stone Age released a YouTube video of a new song that they were performing in concert for the first time. The woman called out in the tweet above performed a dance routine to the song and posted her video. Queens of the Stone Age acknowledged this woman in the crowd of fans and shined the spotlight on her. As a whole bunch of clinical -ists will tell you, rewards reinforce the behavior and mean you’ll get to see more of it. They’ll say it’s a much better tool to modify behavior than punishment. In this case, QOTSA’s actions run counter to how much of the music industry operates — including Prince, who is notorious for swatting down anything tangential to him – see here and here. I think Prince is an amazing performer, but I’ll never be able to share that view with anyone as freely as I’d want, using all of the new technology available to me, for fear of getting slapped rather than rewarded. Photo Credit: DanieleCivello via Compfight cc