Brian Russell
Brian Russell / Marketing / September 26th, 2012

Who's Getting Credit for The Touchdown?

Animated Gif of final catch in Seahawks vs. Packers game on MNF.Staying up late Monday, I had the opportunity to catch the ending of the controversial football matchup between Seattle and Green Bay.
(Controversial to the tune of more than a million tweets in the minutes following the final “catch” and gamblers losing more than an estimated $300 million.)
Gamblers, though, aren’t the only ones losing money when the wrong party gets credit for the catch. And if you’re in marketing (that’s a trick — if you’re in business, you’re in marketing) then you can be just as guilty as the replacement refs if you’re only looking at what’s happening at the bottom of your marketing funnel and deciding there who gets credit for the touchdown.
Since I had to pawn my video camera to keep my kneecaps safe, I’ll refer you to this SEOmoz Whiteboard Friday from March which has a good overview of the problem, plus some beginning action items to ensure it’s not money out of your pocket because you made the wrong call.