Brian Russell
Brian Russell / Marketing / February 18th, 2013

Whose social media would you like to take over?

As you no doubt know by now, Burger King lost control of it’s Twitter account for a little while today. Some of us were underwhelmed with what the account crackers did while in control, and likely more will be disappointed by the message used for the Whopper maker’s return. But, it did inspire some of us to brainstorm what Twitter accounts we’d like to get control over. Amy Moczynski: Obviously I’d take over @bravotv. They actual have a comparable contest going on now where you can run @thebravoholic, but not the main account. Dish Bravo dirt and talk to people all about the Housewives all. day. long. Damion Wasylow:
Skittles. Theirs are among the most creative and fun social media experiences. I’d take it to an even higher level. Peter VanRysdam: I’d take over for Delta, make them more like Southwest. Also, Warrior Dash.  All promotion, ignoring CS problems during events. Erin Everhart: I’d take over @Peter352 and make it actually updated and worth reading. (Editor’s note: #burn) Brian Russell: I’d take a crack at Hennessey Performance. They make all kinds of cars go faster, including a car that’ll reach 200mph in about 15 seconds and a 220mph Cadillac CTS-V. I could hopefully come up with more than two posts so far in February to get gearheads excited about the team that makes products like this: Photo Credit: @notnixon via Compfight cc