Don Wedington / Marketing / August 5th, 2008

Wifi In Flight: Delta Gets It, But You Will Have To Pay

So it’s finally here.  Wifi while you are taking that Big Delta Bird across country.  Had this been a few years ago, the service might have been free.  Heck, Delta’s Song flight was already great.  Back when everyone was trying to create a discount airline with perks.  Now Song, Ted and even Independence are the thing of the past and everyone is scrambling to make money.

1st bag $15, 2nd bag $25, $2 for the”drink service” that used to be free. Everything has a cost, but I think that the $9.95/$12.95 is the right spot for the business traveler.  It’s not really a necessity when you think about how short flights are, but if it’s something that you can piggy back with a service like TMobile where you buy a day pass or something, then it could be nice. 

My guess is that they won’t.