Don Wedington / Marketing / April 14th, 2008

Yahoo Out In The Cold?

After reading PVR’s post about Microsoft and Yahoo I got to thinking that all of this talk about a merger/buyout is just that; talk. I mean with the economy being as skittish as it is, who really has the conjones to make a big play like this, right?Odd Man Out

Well then I stumbled across this blog post by Saul Hansell of the NYTimes where he proposed an interesting scenario that would leave Yahoo with no one to go to the dance with.  It probably won’t happen as Saul lays it out, but the pieces are there and the scenario is possible for Microsoft to not need Yahoo at all if it were to pursue AOL and MySpace (from News Corp.) separately.

Again, I don’t think that anything will happen in the immediate future, but search definitely is the hottest new toy and everyone wants to play.  Wouldn’t Yahoo shareholders, who have been blocking everything under the sun from happening, feel real extra crunchy if suddenly they were not the belle of the ball?