Peter VanRysdam / Innovation / April 18th, 2010

You No Longer Have a Web site. You Now Have a website.

You know how every January, you end up ruining checks by writing last year’s date on them? OK, bad example. Nobody uses checks anymore, but you know what I mean, right? Well, I’m going to be writing website as Web site for months! The Associated Press, which maintains the AP stylebook, finally made the update many people were looking for. Web site is now officially website. One word, no capitalization needed. Just feels more natural. And, in keeping with the theme, they made the announcement via Twitter. Here is a quote from their Web site’s (I actually wrote that wrong there, but thought I’d keep it to prove my point) website’s Q&A page: Q: Others use one word for Internet-related terms. How about AP?
A: AP style is e-mail (hyphenated), and some other e- words such as e-commerce and e-book. Our style is website and Web page (two words), but webcam, webcast, webmaster. Next on the chopping block? E-mail.