COX Automotive needed a robust pilot platform to prove a new business unit.

COX Automotive, formerly AutoTrader Group, needed an experienced team to help develop MakeMyDeal, an online automotive negotiation product. Through prototyping, research and custom development, we helped MakeMyDeal build the way you’ll buy your next car.

days to MVP launch
years of trusted partnership

Building a prototype to solve a problem.

Buying a car is one of the most painful purchases most people will experience. There are too many steps, a ton of stress, too much time spent sitting in a finance office and far too little trust between the dealer and the consumer. As a leader in connecting buyers with their next car, a team within COX Automotive wanted to provide consumers the simplest way to buy a car: a powerful online negotiating tool that put consumers in the driver’s seat. With a clear vision of a brighter car-buying experience, they approached us to build a digital product that could disrupt the automotive landscape by giving buyers truly hassle-free negotiation.

COX Automotive had garnered support for the project from internal stakeholders and many of their dealer partners, but they needed a working version to fund the creation of this new platform: MakeMyDeal. Mike Burgiss, MakeMyDeal founder and general manager, explained his vision to us on a Thursday, and we started development on Monday. In a short engagement, we worked with the COX team to build a minimum viable product (MVP) and created the core of MakeMyDeal’s compelling visual brand.

Before we had finished our initial engagement, Mike solidified support from top executives at COX Automotive. The feedback and user testing data we generated through the prototype platform demonstrated the product’s utility and – more importantly – how dealers could make more money through MakeMyDeal’s simplified commerce platform.

Pete Bernardo – EVP, Product

Creating a new product and business.

COX Automotive trusted us to take them from an idea to a minimum viable product in just a few short weeks. This initial product proved that there was enough market interest for a car-buying platform that took buyers out of the sales office and into their home office. During 12 months of development, we helped MakeMyDeal grow from idea to prototype and from prototype to a 60-person division of an enterprise-level company.

Scale & dedicated teams.

To manage the complexity of a heavyweight automotive commerce platform, we scaled up from our core 6-person team to a team of more than 24 developers, designers, user experience researchers and scrum masters. Working in 3-week sprints, we launched new features and functionality to a robust product site and a JavaScript widget to integrate directly with dealer websites. The MakeMyDeal widget established the primary consumer portal, allowing buyers to connect with local dealers, negotiate a new sale, add trade-ins and secure financing directly through a dealer’s site.

Building an MMD team.

As MakeMyDeal grew to a complex digital product, its internal team grew with it. We helped train internal development teams and transition the product to fit within corporate compliance and IT requirements. With this ongoing support, MakeMyDeal was able to build a business around the platform, growing from an internal team of 2 to more than 30 people – a dedicated sales force, operations, marketing and strategy. We believe MakeMyDeal will revolutionize the automotive industry, and we’re proud to work with COX Automotive as it builds the platform into a successful business.


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