RoadSync needed a custom payment platform to secure investment.

RoadSync recognized the shipping and trucking industries lacked a custom electronic payment platform. To secure initial customers and new investment, it approached 352 for a new brand identity and a robust minimum viable product (MVP) of its SaaS product. In just 90 days, we delivered a feature-rich platform which enabled RoadSync to garner new investment, onboard customers and grow its own team.

increase in transaction speed
investment secured by MVP

Out for delivery.

Despite being a cornerstone of the economy, the shipping industry relies on antiquated financial practices – cash, checks and handwritten receipts. Professional truckers, who deliver more than 1 million loads of freight every day, are not paid fast enough. Due to long hours of operation, regulations and safety and liability rules, most drivers have to pay lumpers to load and unload their freight at each stop. Each payment required multiple verifications and a long approval process.

To address these problems, trucking and logistics industry veterans RoadSync’s founders envisioned “delivering instant payments to an industry that can’t afford to slow down.” The startup wanted to modernize shipping finances with a SaaS platform enabling drivers to pay lumper fees in real-time at any delivery location through pre-authorized and secure accounts; essentially a Venmo for lumpers.

This project was not only about re-building our product; it was also about building our own technical team. From helping us select new hires and onboard them, to allowing our new three-person technical team work alongside the developers, 352 was instrumental in helping us build out our technology, brand and internal team. We had a vision when we started RoadSync, and 352 proved to be the partner that we needed to make our vision happen.


Ryan Droege, RoadSync co-founder

Designing a New Digital Product.

To rapidly design and launch a successful platform, 352 dedicated a pair of UX and Product strategists to RoadSync alongside its software team. In three weeks, the strategy team developed seamless customer journey maps, delivered a robust feature roadmap and streamlined RoadSync’s brand story to attract investment.

A robust platform in 100 days.

Focused on delivering a beautiful, functional platform in less than 100 days, 352 worked on a lightweight product, bringing to life the user workflows and other core functionality to enhance the user experience and meet user demands.

In just eight weeks, RoadSync had grown from a prototype to a feature-rich MVP to show potential investors and customers. And it paid off: equipped with a powerful prototype platform, RoadSync secured nearly $500,000 before the product’s completion. While developing, 352 concurrently trained RoadSync’s internal team to manage and grow the platform, setting the stage for sustainable growth.

The proof is in the payment.

Just 90 days after its initial engagement with 352, RoadSync launched a finished product, garnered vital funding, and onboarded a new internal team trained by 352. Today, RoadSync has a payment platform that allows shippers, carriers and third-party logistics partners to issue instant, electronic direct lumper fee payments to freight handling companies 87% faster than the current industry check systems. Most importantly, the company is close to closing a deal with one of the world’s largest shipping corporations.


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