The platform that changed fundraising.

We built YouCaring’s platform and grew its audience to become the 2nd-largest personal fundraising website with more than $1 billion raised. In 2018, the market leader, GoFundMe, announced it would acquire YouCaring and merge their services and support.


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For 4 years, we supported YouCaring’s mission to help the world.

We helped YouCaring quickly grow to the second-largest personal fundraising website, helping millions of people raise critical funds each month. Unlike other sites, YouCaring doesn’t take money from its fundraisers, the people who need the money most. Instead, it relies solely on optional donations to operate – truly free online fundraising. When it partnered with 352 in 2011, the existing site wasn’t meeting its founders’ expectations or the needs of its users.

We worked closely with the founders – who even set up shop in our 352 Tampa office for two weeks – to equip YouCaring fundraisers with a better platform to tell their stories, consistent functionality, an updated administrative panel, tighter security and enhanced payment features. When we began development, a few hundred people each month relied on YouCaring for help during their toughest times. We knew our work had the potential to help millions, so we upgraded and rebuilt their platform to simplify creation of new crowdfunding campaigns and give the YouCaring community the right tools to tell and share their own stories.

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In six months, we increased traffic from 300,000 users to more than 1.2 million each month. (Oct. 2012 - April 2013)

As the needs of users changed, we constantly tested and improved the YouCaring experience.

Through user testing, feedback and conversion-rate analytics we determined that fundraisers needed simpler tools and an easy way to tell their stories through social media. These adjustments resulted in a massive increase in successful fundraisers and donations to YouCaring across all devices.

In turn, these increasingly successful fundraisers inspired more people to choose YouCaring as they saw their social networks of friends and family use the digital platform.

Social media plays a pivotal role in the success of YouCaring and its donors. Even when a supporter cannot donate, they can provide invaluable aid by sharing a fundraiser’s story to their own networks. So, we created a social-sharing solution that made it easy for fundraisers and donors to tell their stories. Enhanced social media integrations provided an organic way for fundraisers to build their own community and raise funds for causes that are important to them.

We built a community of millions that grows every day.

The YouCaring community has grown to attract millions of site visitors each month and has been featured in the national news including CNN, The New York Times, NPR, The Chicago Tribune and TIME. Through custom development, digital marketing and improved user experience, we’ve helped YouCaring grow to a leading crowdfunding site with a community of millions of people. Each month, thousands of people use YouCaring to raise millions of dollars for the causes they care about.

“Seeing all these people who are so willing to help their fellow man when they're in need: That's the most inspiring thing in the world.”
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$ 1+ billion


across thousands of fundraisers

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As YouCaring has grown, we’ve helped guide new technology and strategy to ensure years of success.

Digital products are built to evolve. As business goals and user needs change, the best digital products adapt to meet new objectives, and YouCaring is no different. Just as we iterated upon its product, our relationship has also evolved – 352 has shifted from product development team to strategic partner, helping YouCaring grow to a point where it can guide its own development. As the company hires its own designers and developers, we’ve worked alongside them to implement a new site design, consult on hiring decisions, create security standards and identify a minimum viable product for the launch of a new

We’re proud to have helped YouCaring grow from a small startup to one of the leading fundraising websites. We are excited to see their team continue their commitment to helping people raise money for the causes closest to their hearts.

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