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Corporate innovators face incredible challenges to produce results, yet they’re often unsure of where to begin. 352 brings 20 years of experience solving challenges and building complex products to help innovators drive rapid change in their organization.

Unlike many innovation agencies, our expertise is rooted in two decades of digital product development and delivery. This focus on execution over strategic planning allows us to rapidly validate new ideas, find opportunities to pivot, or suggest new ways to reach corporate goals.

Design thinking.

Theory and research can only take innovators so far. Too often, innovation labs spend months combing through secondary research without ever testing their ideas with actual customers. Through design thinking, 352 gives your lab a glimpse into the future gathering more actionable knowledge in five days than most innovators collect in six months.

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Connecting our community.

Through impactful events and relationship building, 352 brought together a thriving community of Atlanta corporate innovators, intrapreneurs and passionate professionals. Each month, we host a variety of community events, innovation workshops, webinars and more. Whether you want to forge new connections or learn new skills, find what you need on our events calendar.

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Innovation training.

In our 20 years of growth, we’ve developed a number of innovative processes and frameworks to take new ideas from the drawing board to the marketplace. We’re passionate about helping innovators drive the same sort of change within their own organization, so we launched two new training initiatives, the Intrapreneurship Academy and Design Thinking for the Enterprise.

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Additional corporate innovation services.

Ideation Workshops

Pursuing innovation initiatives requires aligning stakeholders and change-makers behind an actionable idea. We facilitate these 2-3 workshops to help your team identify a core business challenge and take your team beyond the drawing board to develop valuable digital solutions.

Customer Journey Mapping

Before taking a product to market, you need to understand how customers will find your product, interact with features and how it offers consistent value. Customer Journey Mapping delivers a detailed view of customer behaviors and expectations, resulting in a product that drives revenue and exceeds customer demands.

Prototype and MVP Development

The pilot phase of innovation requires a lightweight product build to bridge the gap between ideation and commercial launch. Through minimum viable product principles, we deliver an iterative platform to refine through deep customer feedback. We help you build the right product for any stage of your business, from early stages to launch. Our lean approach helps you make an informed decision, every time.

User Testing

Too often, corporations wait until a product is finished to test with actual users – this leads to products that often fail to resonate with customers or make an impact in the marketplace. Our UX specialists help innovators test product assumptions and features through every stage of the innovation lifecycle, refining ideas and delivering products geared for user adoption.

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