Jump ahead 6 months in a 5-day Design Sprint.

Refine and prototype your product idea to get insights directly from real-world customers. We equip you to anticipate internal challenges and external feedback.

In 5 days we rapidly validate a new productproductbusiness modelbusiness modelprocessprocessserviceserviceideaidea
with your clientsclientsCEOCEOinvestorsinvestorscustomerscustomersemployeesemployees.

Can we really make progress in just five days?

We tailor our design sprints to uncover your greatest unknown. A recent client knew it needed to disrupt its own business model. In a first design sprint, we proved that its digital customers would do a physical, in-home task to complete a sale. In a subsequent sprint, 352’s team reduced the error rate of that task by 98%.

In just 10 days, our client jumped ahead six months into an 18 month strategic vision, through our design sprint process.


Putting your Design Sprint in action.

Design sprints pull your team out of the lab to solve a core challenge facing your business. Our team co-creates with your stakeholders to plan, build and test a realistic prototype with actual customers.

Day 1


Before we build, it’s vital to understand the true nature of the challenge ahead by gathering stakeholders with divergent viewpoints from across the organization. 352 listens to your experts to create an ideal customer journey and distill that journey to its greatest unknown element.

Day 2


This is your training montage. We spend a day developing solutions together to avoid groupthink and generate divergent ideas. Expect the occasional comically painful challenge resulting in an astonishing breakthrough. 80s jams included.

Day 3


As a team, we review each idea and converge on a single solution. Once we have consensus around an idea, we storyboard a detailed version of the prototype we’re about to to build.

Day 4


Now the real fun begins. You’ll spend a full day with our designer and developer co-creating a prototype to put in front of your customers. We build the systems and interactions you need to prove your idea with users and get realistic, validated results.

Day 5


Today is all about learning, so it’s time to step into the ring and test our prototype with five in-market customers, recruited by 352. UX research shows that five users will uncover 80% of an idea’s problems. These interviews deliver a clear learning agenda, either validating our assumptions or uncovering opportunities to pivot your idea.

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